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What to expect from your consultation

A typical consultation ensures I gain insight into a presenting health concern, diet and lifestyle and health history and lasts about 45 minutes.

You can use my professional knowledge and experience to guide your health into a much better place. 

Treatment and support from herbal medicine can greatly improve the body's health, mind, energy levels and outlook.








"I just wanted to thank you for the Lavender and Lime flower tea you prescribed me to help with the sleep problems I had been experiencing.


I found that I didn't have much difficulty getting to sleep but would wake up after about 4 hours completely alert and would struggle to get back to sleep generally dropping off  shortly before the alarm went off, leading to a feeling of fatigue and irritability the next day.


I have taken the tea on a number of occasions and found that if I brew a small pot and drink it (not too hot) it delivers a gentle sense of calmness and seems encourage the brain to stop racing, promoting a feeling of natural drowsiness where I drift into a wonderful refreshing sleep. 


 I am so pleased to have had the tea and not needed to resort to sleeping tablets.


Thank you again for this simple but effective remedy to what was becoming an increasingly frustrating problem.


I will definitely consult you again with any further health issues and appreciate the time and care you showed me during our consultation."

Ann McGinn.

Prescriptions work well if actively used alongside conventional medicine or prescribed pharmaceutical medicines or other complimentary therapies.

Treatment and support with herbal medicine can greatly improve health within the body, mind, energy levels and outlook.


Prescriptions consist of safe high quality plant medicines that can be taken in a variety of forms: teas, tinctures, capsules, powders, creams, oils or even sprays. 

Nutritional and lifestyle elements are included in each and every prescription also.


As a bespoke service, your prescription is individualised to you and your needs.

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