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"Ola is a wonderful, warm professional with a holistic approach to her patients. She is very thorough, knowledgeable and reassuring. I was fortunate to be her patient and I will recommend her to anybody who seeks alternative or parallel routes to health. I consider her the best herbalist in North London. Joanna M.” 


"I have recommended Saint and Smith on a few occasions and every friend has had a fantastic experience. Ola is expert and highly knowledgeable but she also delivers a personable, tailored service. She is kind and suggests remedies with a holistic view of each patient. I started off by trying her tea products and recommend these also. Comfortable, trusted and friendly. Highly recommend." Chi Chi

"Ola was recommended to me by a relative who had seen positive results following a course of treatment prescribed by Ola. I had been suffering from a medical condition for some time and was desperate to try anything that might have helped. I was overwhelmed by Ola’s compassionate nature, she was extremely thorough in understanding my condition and working through the best course of action for me.


Once she had prescribed the medications she made sure that I fully understood what each one was and why it would be beneficial to me. Ola made sure to check in on my progress on a regular basis to see how I was getting on, and altered the treatment plan as necessary. I really appreciate Ola’s support, her holistic approach gave me comfort physically and emotionally and helped me get through a very difficult time. I would highly recommend Ola to those looking for a natural and holistic approach to healthcare. " Emma McGinn


Medical Herbalist


Ola Nwakodo is an experienced Medical Herbalist trained at University of Westminster, London, UK.


In her private practice she sees clients for short or long-term treatment and support for a range of health concerns that they may be experiencing.


She has developed a flexible way of working, including using plant medicines, diet, nutrition and lifestyle prescriptions.

My work


A thorough consultation enables an understanding of underlying or presenting causes of ill health.

An effective prescription plan ensures I can treat and support a client to a better place with their health issues and concerns.

About me

My passion for healthcare is inspired by my mother who worked as a nurse.

My passion for herbal medicine is inspired by her and her great uncle, a traditional herbalist and healer who was renowned in his community.


University of Westminster, London, UK - BSc. (Hons) degree in Health Sciences: Herbal Medicine.

Trained to treat and provide a thorough, safe and effective healthcare that offers so much more than conventional medicine and pharmaceuticals.

A comprehensive prescription from a qualified, experienced herbalist can help ease the burden of ill health in numerous ways.

















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